Fresh. Local. Delivered.

Local Produce: Combining fresh produce with a layering of toppings and a flavorful Farm Made dressing served on the side.  We aspire to be a small highlight in your hectic week.  

Handcrafted Salads: Each week we handcraft a salad using fresh produce grown on the farm as well as other locally sourced items.  We make a different salad each week.  

Personally Delivered: Salads are personally delivered and can be kept refrigerated longer than any salad made with store bought lettuce.  

Join your neighbors and support your local farmers as you feed your body with a fresh and flavorful lunch. 

Garden Salad Option

Each week we offer a garden salad option in place of a salad-of-the week order. This is a great option for someone on a restricted diet or with food allergies.  The garden salad is typically made with the same produce in the weekly salad, just more of it in place of the grain or plant protein.  It can be customized to include or exclude the cheese, nuts, or egg being used in the weekly salad. 





“I thought the salad was wonderful and beautifully layered on a presentation aspect. The portion size was nice, and I didn't need anything else for lunch. The mixture of lettuces was spot on...crisp and fresh. ”

”The portion of cheese, hard boiled egg, and the sesame seeds where a well balanced protein punch! They brought that creamy and nutty aspect. Especially when you blended the salad dressing with the whole salad and the yoke of the egg softened and lightly coated the variety of lettuces and greens. The salad dressing really brightened it. [Chipotle Agave] I normally shy away from something too spicy as it kills the taste buds making one unable to really get the full impact of all of the other flavors. But, the "heat" in the dressing is perfect.”