Weekly Delivery From the Farm


Locally Grown and Produced

We use fresh produce grown in our garden and our passive vented greenhouse that are herbicide and pesticide free.  We work with other local farms that share the same passion for responsible and sustainable agriculture. 

Handcrafted Multi-Serving Salad Kits

Each week we handcraft a unique salad using fresh produce with a layer of filling toppings and a flavorful Farm Made from scratch dressing.  We make a different prepackaged salad kit each week which is larger than a those multi-serving kits in the store.  They stay fresh up to a week (kept refrigerated) since they are delivered days from harvest.

Personally Delivered

Salads are delivered within days of harvest, preparation, and packaging in our certified commercial kitchen of the farm.  We deliver our salads and other grocery items directly to your home, porch, place of work or anywhere we can to deliver fresh local food from our farm(s) directly to you.  

Subscription Based Service

Ordering our salads are easy!  We offer a flexible subscription with no strings attached!   Subscribing helps us plan and forecast our crops both on our farm and with other local farms. 

Farm-To-Salad Weekly Delivery

Different Salad Kit Each Week!!  Don’t be shy, give it a try!


Garden Salad Option

Each week we offer a garden salad option in place of a salad-of-the week order. This is a great option for someone on a restricted diet or with food allergies.  

The garden salad is typically made with the same produce in the weekly salad and contains the same crunch, cheese, and Farm Made dressing.  

Some customers choose to receive a Garden Salad each week, others let us know on a week-to-week basis if they would like a Garden Salad instead of the Salad-of-the-Week.