Frequently Asked Questions

Each week we handcraft and manufacture a different salad kit for subscribers.  We prepare the product in the farms Department of Agriculture certified kitchen and personally deliver it to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Each salad kit is:

  • Harvested, prepared, and delivered to you by your local farmers;
  • Packed with greens that were grown year round in Virginia in environmentally controlled, pesticide and herbicide free greenhouses;
  • Handcrafted with a focus on flavorful combinations including a different Farm Made from scratch dressing, a serving of cheese, and a serving of a freshly toasted crunch topping.

How does it work?

Our subscriptuion is simple.  Once you opt in, we will confirm your order and start to deliver to you each week we are delivering until you tell us to stop.

Subscriptions are simply a trust based commitment for a repeating order each week. Subscribing helps us forecast and plan our crops and with other farmers.  

If for whatever reason you can‘t receive a salad in a week there are options. 

  1. Gift to a friend (once we make sure we can manage them into delivery route).
  2. Pay it forward to a first responder, nurse, or someone in need. Help brighten someone’s day we will find someone along our route and give them your salad.
  3. Ask that we put your subscription on hold for the week. We ask for as much notice as possible. 

Subscribers also get priority when ordering extra items that we advertised in our weekly email each Monday.

What are your food safety measures?

According to the FDA, there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19. Link  While this is good I encourage you to take precaution with the packaging of all deliveries you may be receiving, not just from us.   

Please know we are doing everything we can to maintain the safety of the products we are growing, preparing and delivering from our farm(s) to you.

Shorter Supply Chain. There are fewer touch points with locally grown produce and manufacturing. As an example, the salad greens are typically harvested on Mondays and the salad kits are prepared and packaged on Tuesday. Salad Kits you buy in a grocery store are grown and manufactured by large companies and travel greater distances. As a result they are also exposed to many people before they arrive in the store, only then to be handled by store employees and other customers before ending up in your cart.

Smaller businesses mean fewer people. From seed to bowl, less than 5 people have ever been around the greens we serve in our salad kits. Our farms are small and are not open to the general public as restaurants and grocery stores are.

Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and ServSafe Certifications. These certifications are in place to ensure food safety from the grower to the kitchen. Included in both of these programs are regular sanitary measures and the use of gloves at all times. In fact the lettuce in your salad has never be touched by an un-gloved hand and these certifications and practices have always been in place!

Contactless Delivery.  Sadly the bits of small talk that I enjoy have shifted to a game of “deliver, ding, dong, ditch”

As many deliveries as possible will be delivered without contact. My procedure will be as follows:
1. Unless requested, we won’t be sending a text before delivery.
2. Will leave outside your door, and will ring doorbell.
3. If I don’t see you come to the door, I’ll send you a text letting you know the salad has been delivered

Isn't $13 a lot for a salad?

People sometimes ask why so much for a salad?   First, take into account that the greens in the salad are locally grown year round in a protected environment, harvested, prepared and delivered within 48 hours by your local farmers, 

We're not just talking veggies here either.   Each salad is different, but they all include more than just vegetables.  They include grains, fruits, cheeses, and nut and each one comes with a farm made scratch dressing paired to match.

It's a big bowl!  Most of the salads weigh in around 15-17 oz, and the bowl they are served in is advertised as a 'family size' bowl.  Most customers get 2 even 3 meals from a single salad. 

All of this and it's delivered directly to you at no additional cost!  Hopefully this helps justify paying for quality and service at the height of taste and nutrition.  

What if I don't like the salad of the week?

If our chosen ingredients don’t tempt you taste buds one week, you can easily opt for a garden salad and still be eating healthy and local that week.  You can also choose to pay it forward  (see options above).

What about holidays or vacation?

Let us know and you can easily pause your delivery and we will start delivery again when you return. 

How long do they keep?

We package the salad kits so they stay fresh a long time when kept refrigerated.  Because it was grown locally, it stays fresh longer than what you may be used to with store bought salad kits.  Those salad kits are often smaller and are packaged with lettuce grown by large agriculture and manufacturing companies on the west coast and then shipped across the county.  Our salad kits use local salad greens picked at the peak of freshness, manufactured, and delivered within days of harvest.

Our salad kits are labeled according to VDACS requirements for all fresh, prepackaged food with a sell by date 7 days from the date of manufacturing on our farm.