Membership is Easy

Each week we make one type of salad for our members, and the type of salad changes each week. We prepare the salads in the farms Dept of Agriculture certified kitchen and personally deliver it to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we’ve done our job right your tummy will be happy while wondering what we will come up with next week, knowing you ate a salad that was:

  • Packed full of greens that were grown year round in Virginia in environmentally controlled, pesticide free greenhouses;
  • Harvested, prepared, and delivered to you by your local farmers;
  • Handcrafted with a focus on flavorful combinations including a different Farm Made dressing each week.

How does it work?

Our membership is simple.  Once you opt in, we will confirm your order and start to deliver to you each week we are delivering until you tell us to stop.

What if I’m not digging the salad of the week?

If our chosen ingredients don’t tempt you taste buds one week, you can easily opt for a garden salad and still be eating healthy and local that week.  Also be sure to take our simple survey so we get to know you flavor profiles.

What about holidays or vacation?

Let us know and you can easily pause your delivery and we will start delivery again when you return. 

What if I have other plans the day of delivery?

We package the salad so they stay fresh a long time when kept refrigerated.  Because it was grown locally, it stays fresh longer than what you may be used to with store bought lettuce.  It’s also better for you since it was picked at the peak of freshness right here in Virginia!

Isn't $13 a lot for a salad?

People sometimes ask why so much for a salad?   First, take into account that the greens in the salad are locally grown year round in a protected environment, harvested, prepared and delivered within 48 hours by your local farmers, 

We're not just talking veggies here either.   Each salad is different, but they all include more than just vegetables.  They include grains, fruits, cheeses, and nut and each one comes with a farm made scratch dressing paired to match.

It's a big bowl!  Most of the salads weigh in around 15 oz, and the bowl they are served in is advertised as a 'family size' bowl.  Most customers get 2 even 3 meals from a single salad. 

All of this and its delivered directly to you at no additional cost!  Hopefully this helps justify paying for quality and service at the height of taste and nutrition.