Dreaming Tree Farms

The Farm

Dreaming Tree Farms was established in 2009 when Chris left the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia to settle in Central Virginia, just minutes away from the birthplace of Secretariat and now the Meadow Event Park, home of the Virginia State Fair.  

Chris grew up in Rockingham County, Virginia in a small town outside of Harrisonbug.  These rural roots established from an early age a foundation of respect and appreciation for agriculture and community.  After graduating from James Madision University, Chris spent over two decades as a corporate executive traveling the world helping Fortune 500 clients solve complex business problems.  

While this career was rewarding, Chris found himself tired of the constant travel and wanted to have a bigger impact in the local community.  He also wanted his next career to leverage his passion for preparing fresh food, working with his hands, growing plants, and hosting a great party. 

As he searched for the answer, he started to learn more about the produce that we often buy and eat from our local grocery store without giving it a second thought; the cheap yellowish heads of lettuce without flavor or the 'grocery store tomato' that could drop to the floor without bruising.  He was astonished to learn about 'industrial agriculture', that somewhere between 80-95% of the lettuce consumed in North America is grown in a single valley in California and shipped thousands of miles to Virginia!  He knew there was a better solution.

In 2018 Dreaming Tree Farms redefined its focus to grow and partner with local farms that practice responsible and sustainable production of produce, herbs, and specialty plants in a controlled environment.  These methods allow for the consistent availability of fresh, flavorful produce year round.  Using cutting edge, high quality, and efficient food technology, Chris and the other local farms he works with are committed to the improvement of taste in produce that has excellent quality and nutritional value. 

Dreaming Tree Farms seeks to collaborate with other local growers and provides education, experience and research in the cultivation of value added products.

The Dog Crew



The ultimate farm protector, Chloe is a stray dog that showed up at another local farm.  Once she came to Dreaming Tree Farms she quickly established her position at the top of the pack.



Chance wandered onto the farm in 2012 and was near death.  He was skinny, brown, and longing to be loved.  He made a quick recovery and is always happy to welcome any visitors that come to the farm.



In December, 2013 Cooper showed up and has enjoyed his transition from hunting dog to house dog.  He tries his hardest to keep up with the faster two, and can always be found at the front of the dinner line!

The Farm Crew


Elly - aka Lucy Lovesalot

Elly is a retired racehorse and was born in Kentucky in 2003 as a sire from Silver Charm, who was best know for winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes in 1997.  Elly's racing career wasn't as successful and she was retired in 2007 after only 8 races.  



Not much is known about Jasmine, as she's a rescue from the Central Virginia Horse Rescue.  She arrived a bit underweight and highly skiddish, and we're pleased to say she is no longer either of those.


The Chickens

What farm would be complete without Chickens?  Dreaming Tree Farms has had a flock of free range egg laying chickens since 2012.