Tired of those bagged salad kits in the grocery store?

You know, the ones grown and manufactured by large companies on the West Coast that only last a couple days after opening?

Yea, we were too!  

Each week we handcraft a different multi-serving salad and deliver it to satisfied customers throughout the Richmond area.

Sign up today and support your local farms.



This idea is unique - we are not a restaurant or a food truck, our program is more like a modified CSA.  We are a first generation farm working with other local farmers to handcraft a different salad each week and we personally deliver it to members of our flexible Farm-To-Salad (F2S) program. 

Salad of the Week

Each week we feature a different handcrafted multi-serving salad using as much locally sourced as possible.  Greens are always locally grown in environmentally controlled USDA GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) certified greenhouses. In addition to a large portion of freshly harvested lettuce greens, our salads include a layering of toppings, such as:

  • A serving of a side salad, typically a grain combination (Quinoa, Wild Rice, Couscous, Farro, Basmati, etc.) including other seasonal produce
  • A serving of cheese (Feta Crumbles, Cheddar, Colby Jack, Mozzarella, etc.)
  • A serving of a freshly toasted crunch topping (Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds, Nuts, Croutons, Chips, etc)
  • A Farm made dressing free of preservatives like those found in the store bought dressings
  • Frequent non-vegetable toppings include Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs and various fresh and dried fruits

See more about our past and future salads here.


Pricing for each salad is on our Order Page. The price is all inclusive of delivery and tip.  We have several promotions going on and offer a discount for signing up as a F2S Club Member!  Give it a try this week!

Placing an Order

Our goal is to have an easy to use app where we can share the salad with you, allow you to add on additional products when offered, or pause your weekly delivery if you are going to be out of the office.  For now, please fill out the form here.


Salads are personally delivered one time (1x) a week (Wednesday) in the Richmond, VA metro area.  We are not yet delivering to Fredericksburg or Williamsburg, but that is part of our growth plans!  Limiting our delivery days allows us to get back to the farm growing more produce for your salads!

Custom Orders

Since we are are not a restaurant or food truck we cannot accommodate personalized made-to-order requests.  We can offer a standard (but still super fresh and delicious!) garden salad option each week as an alternative to the weekly featured salad.  Since our salads are packaged as a kit, the layers are separated for easy division.

Did You Know?


West Coast

Green is Good

West Coast

Over 95% of the lettuce consumed in the US is grown on the west coast by 'industrial produce farms'.



Green is Good

West Coast

That means it travels over 2,800 miles and takes close to 2 weeks from harvest to reach Virginia.


Green is Good

Green is Good

Green is Good

Research shows that darker lettuces contain more antioxidants and nutrients than the typical lighter-colored lettuce found in stores.

Farm-To-Salad Club

Different Salad Kit delivered every Wednesday!!  Read more below about what we offer and how it works below, or jump to: